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PyroPets (PYRO) is an extensible, deflationary, completely open-source permanent MRC721 NFT collectable game deployed on the MetrixCoin blockchain.

PyroPets uses MetriMask and PyroPets website to interact and safely transfer the PYRO token


  • Extensible because due to the nature of MRC721 tokens and smart contracts in general, developers may extend PyroPets in a permissionless way. Embers (MBRS) the native MRC20 token to PyroPets, may also be used in other projects if developers wish.
  • Deflationary because 100% of PYRO generation fees (Gen0 and stoking) is burned. MBRS in addition to being created by playing with a Pyro, may also be created in a ratio of 1 MBRS : 1000 MRX and are burned in order to perform customizations or feed your Pyro.
  • Source code of project to be made available soon!
  • Contract source is available on contracts page.