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What are Embers?

Embers (MBRS) are a burnable MRC20 token that are used for customization of PyroPets (PYRO).

Where can I hold my MBRS tokens?

MBRS can be held and/or used in any wallet or system that supports MRC20 tokens. You can use MetriMask

How can I generate MBRS tokens?

MBRS can be generated by playing with Pyros which reduces the Pyro's hunger level.

MBRS can be generated by burning Pyros which destroys them forever.

MBRS can be generated by burning MRX at a rate of 1000 MRX per 1 MBRS.

Account Overview


Approve MBRS

There are some activities you can do with your Pyro, amd sepend some MBRS on them, for that you need to Approve MBRS in the Account Overview section.

  • You can approve all your MBRS or select how many you want to approve


  • Click Confirm to the pay fee, and wait for transaction confirmation


  • MBRS tokens can be minted by burning MRX.